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Hello world! Is it too late to start our blog???

Hello out there!

Hello out there???


This is the typical pattern of excitement when starting a new blog, and then not knowing if there’s anybody even “listening”.

So what’s with the blog anyway?  Glad you asked.  I’ve been searching and searching the web for anything related to patient scheduling specific to dialysis for quite some time.  And as you probably know, it’s time-consuming and tedious to sift through the chaff of Google search results to find any nugget of substance.  But there are some bits of wisdom out there!  The problem is, even when you find them, can you really apply any of that to your own clinic’s schedule?  Often it’s not so easy.

So with Getting Schedule Wise (the name of this blog), we are aiming to change that.  While we intuitively understand that the schedule causes some of our day-to-day problems on the floor… we just don’t give enough credit to how many problems might actually be resolved if we take the time to create AND MAINTAIN a better patient schedule.  We hope to help you get wise. ScheduleWise. =]

In this blog, we aim to provide thoughtful commentary on how you might create a better patient schedule for your dialysis unit.  We’re putting it all out there.  All that we’ve learned over the past 30 years in this industry in various positions on the treatment floor (RN, PCT, Reuse) and in management (facility administrator, clinical services director, vice presidents operational excellence), and let’s not forget, the past 10 years of helping our clients improve the workflow of their patient schedules with ScheduleWise, our workflow management software.

It would be a lie to say that we’ve seen it all.  But we’ve seen a heck of a LOT!  And we’d like to share that knowledge with you.  So at the end of the day, I hope people will find us out here in our little corner of the internets…

But could you help, too?  As you read further into the blog over the coming months, if you find our information helpful, please do share with your colleagues, and with us, too!  You may be helping more folks out there to find our blog and learn something useful that impacts their clinics and patients.  So contribute to the conversation in the comments. Heck, even volunteer to write a post or two!

So get ready for the most exciting, inspirational, … ok, let me not over do it.  It is scheduling after all. =]  But get ready.  We hope to help give you a little spark to take back to your own unit and be able to rework your patient schedule for a calmer, safer environment for your patients and a more satisfying work environment for your staff!  =]

Ciao for now!