ScheduleWise Home: You asked for it…We built it!

ScheduleWise Home logo with solution puzzle, screenshot of software on computer

If you have seen our recent social media posts, you know we have been busy this past year! We recently rebranded from ScheduleWise® to RenalWise because our solutions have grown beyond scheduling. We now have a survey readiness tool called SurveyWise® and a home program tool called ScheduleWise® Home.

Solution puzzle with last piece being placed. Screenshot of ScheduleWise Home.

One of the things I love about my job is collaborating with our customers. It’s motivating to hear their ideas and work alongside them to address opportunities together. For years, we have heard the challenges nurses and healthcare providers face in their home programs like:

We listened and collaborated closely with our customers to build a solution that meets the unique demands of home dialysis scheduling. I want to introduce you to ScheduleWise® Home, a tool that brings the best organizational practices and methods to your home dialysis program so you can:

And the innovation doesn’t end here. Coming soon, our CKD to Home pipeline tool will revolutionize how you track patients – from the moment they’re first notified to the day they start in your home program. This visual tracking system gives you unprecedented visibility and control over every stage of the patient’s journey.

This is not just scheduling software—it’s a strategic tool for delivering exceptional patient care and optimizing operational efficiency.

Interested in learning more? Visit our website today and set up a time for a demonstration.