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ScheduleWise is a web-based workflow management application designed by dialysis professionals specifically for the needs of dialysis organizations. Using ScheduleWise enables managers to easily create and sustain safe and effective patient schedules, with our patented visual workflow technology, along with efficient staff schedules to meet your productivity goals.

Clinic Managers and Physician Partners will gain unprecedented visibility into their clinics using interactive workflow graphs that enable them to see a clinic’s workflow like never before. And visibility into available chairs offers better capacity planning for admitting new and guest patients.

And proactively managing your staff schedule with ScheduleWise will ensure productivity goals are met while providing sufficient coverage. When integrated with your payroll system, ScheduleWise provides a truly holistic view of how staffing hours are utilized in your clinic, comparing coverage needs to what was scheduled to what was actually performed.

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Features & Benefits

Patient Scheduling

ScheduleWise's premiere feature is the patient scheduling module which allows you to visualize workflow in each pod and the clinic as a whole, so you and your team can visually verify if your planned changes will work before you implement changes to your patient schedule.

Staff Scheduling

Our dialysis staff scheduling application guides you in creating and maintaining a staff schedule that aligns with the needs of the patients. It also provides you a way to manage your PTO and requested days off.

Productivity Management

The productivity view in ScheduleWise allows you to proactively manage your hours to meet your organization's goals. We can integrate with your payroll system, giving you needs, plan and actuals!

Patient Admissions

ScheduleWise helps you quickly visualize new admissions and visitor availability. Outside the clinic admissions departments or physicians offices can also log in to see the dates/shifts in which clinics have availability.

Risk Management

Improve patient safety and quality of care by being able to visualize your planned schedule and adjust to achieve a smooth workflow. Risk Managers/support staff will have visibility into centers to quickly identify areas of potential risk to patient safety and compliance. And a smooth workflow often improves patient satisfaction!

Regional Leadership

ScheduleWise is a management application that enables all stakeholders to quickly visualize and quantify issues and opportunities, allowing you to help your clinics proactively manage for safety and efficiency.

Mitigating Overtime

Identify and correct the root causes of ineffective scheduling of treatments and staff schedules including misaligned staffing shifts, nurses supporting workflow in pods, and unrealistic closes.

Corporate Benefits

ScheduleWise is your view inside your clinics, providing a visual aid to help evaluate your clinics and manage them proactively.


Patient Scheduler

$ 225

  • Manage Patient Workflow
  • Manage Productivity
  • Custom Schedule Printout

Staff Scheduler

$ 225

  • Manage Staff Schedules
  • Manage Productivity
  • Custom Schedule Printout


$ 100 (required for Year 1)
  • Optimize Schedules
  • Establish Standards/Goals
  • Meet Productivity
  • Scheduling Methodologies
  • Alternative Layouts
  • Hands-on Support


$ 50

  • EHR
    with HL7 standards
    (Epic, TIME, etc)

  • Time & Attendance
    via API or flat file
    (Kronos, Paychex, ADP, etc)

  • Single Sign-On
    (SAML, LDAP)


*all prices are on a per center per month basis

Our Team


“[I’m] on cloud nine! She is looking forward to working with the schedule and fixing all the staff and patient needs.”

“Ok, so I had the opportunity to go into ScheduleWise and look at the schedule. I could see on the earlier days why the staff are complaining! I am excited to discuss this tomorrow.””I had never considered this type of staffing pattern until you planted the seed!”

“Thank you for providing us the tools to work smarter rather than harder.”

“We worked your schedule today with four absences; it was a pretty good day! Obviously your schedule is very efficient if we were able to work safely and efficient today!”
UVA Health Systems
“I’m loving ScheduleWise… it’s my newest best friend!”

“It puts the old-fashioned Excel sheets methods to shame and really moves patient scheduling to the next level.”

“I can’t possibly put in this short note how impressive this program is!”
“You definitely have my recommendation for your ScheduleWise services!”

“In dialysis there really is not enough time to do a schedule and not have glitches in it, and you could spend hours putting it together and updating it. We use your services regularly and you have always helped us out with our schedule every time we have asked you. You are very helpful and are always ready to accommodate us.”

“OMG!!! Now I can see why the staff are complaining!”
Fresenius Kidney Care



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